Business License

At Avanz we help you by delivering every kind of business setup and company formation services encouraging newly emerging individuals to set up their business and help them prosper. In doing so we help those of you by being an intermediary between you and the government dealing with all the paperwork and approvals. And one of the most important tasks includes applying for business licenses and acquiring them.

A business license is a permit assigned to you by the government allowing you to start your trade. The main purpose of it is taxation but It is also a way in which the government can monitor you especially if your business directly affects society. for instance, business related to health care, food, etc.

Along with helping you in business setup and company formation one of the very first things we do for you is to assemble your documents to register for a license and acquire them within the time frame. With our help, we make getting a license relatively easy.

The Business licenses we provide include the following

  • Commercial license
  • Professional license
  • Industrial license
  • Freelancer license

We will help you apply for a license and you may receive your license depending on the category of your business

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